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Welcome to this unofficial Royal Military Police web site which is dedicated to those who served in 7th Armoured Division Provost Company R.M.P., 7th Armoured Brigade Provost Unit R.M.P. or 111 Provost Company R.M.P.


Initially, 7th Armoured Brigade was formed in 1938 and served with 7th Armoured Division all through the Desert campaign during World War Two, before leaving in 1942 after El Alamein. After service in Burma, following the retreat into India, the Brigade returned to the Middle East in 1943 serving in Iraq and Egypt. In 1944 they moved onto Italy where they fought with the Canadian Corps for the rest of the war.

At the end of World War Two 7th Bde were based in Northern Italy as part of the occupying forces. In late 1945 and early 1946 the Bde was disbanded and the 22 Bde was re-designated and known to this day as 7th Armoured Brigade.

Originally the Bde, wore a green rat and in 1946 they adopted the now famous Desert Rat or Jerboa and to this day members of 7 Bde proudly wear this little infamous red rat on a black background. This in memory of our brave original DESERT RATS or more commonly known by the late Sir Winston Churchill as 'The Rats of Tobruk'.

In 1947 the Brigade moved to Northern Germany, the Provost elements of 7 Armd Div who had, by now, been given the Royal Charter to change its title from CMP to RMP formed an RMP Company known as 7 Armd Div Pro Coy RMP based in Verden until 1959 and was re designated as 7 Armoured Brigade Pro Unit RMP firstly in Soltau and then in 1963 to its present day location in Hohne Camp, Bergen-Belsen.

The unit in those days had 1 Captain, 1 Company Sergeant Major 1 Staff Sergeant, 2 Sergeants, 26 J/NCOs 2 ACC and 2 REME attached. A unit total of 35 only. 

In 1973 RMP made drastic changes in BAOR to help offset the “troubles” in Northern Ireland and the concept of Brigade Provost Units changed to that of Provost Companies, which needed more personnel and subsequently 7 Armoured Brigade Pro Unit changed to 111 Pro Coy RMP with a detachment in Celle and in Fallingbostel. This was a far cry from Celle being a part of 1 (BR) Corps Pro Coy from Beilefeld and also a one man post on a weekend at Fallingbostel, back in the early days of the unit.

111 Provost Company RMP have served with distinction in Bosnia, Kosovo and both Gulf war conflicts and those of us who have served before and worn the little rat are proud to be part of such a historic story over the past 66 years. The unit has also served with distinction in Afghanistan.



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